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     2= Welcome to rock = 
     4== Next steps (for the project administrator) == 
     5 * Subscribe to the project's timeline [ RSS feed] to be sure to get notified of changes to the website. Wiki spam is a problem occasionally. 
     6 * Log in and use the [ "Admin" tab] to configure ticket components and access rights. 
     7 * Tell developers to create accounts at and add them to your project using the admin functions on the same website. 
     8 * If you want to change any settings of TracIni, please contact . Probably interesting settings: 
     9   * wiki/ignore_missing_pages (default true) 
     10   * notification/smtp_always_bcc (default not set, project admin might want to be notified of all ticket changes and new tickets this way) 
     11   * trac/show_email_addresses (default false in order to prevent mail spam in public projects) 
     12 * Edit this wiki page. Remove this text. Fill in or delete TODOs as needed. 
     14== About == 
     15''TODO project description'' 
     17== Status == 
     18''TODO what is there, what is planned'' 
     20== Download == 
     21''TODO add download link (for small files just use SVN; otherwise ask or put it on your homepage)'' 
     23== Development == 
     24 * Subversion repository location: 
     25   * Checkout using SVN command line tool: {{{svn checkout}}} 
     26 * [source:trunk/ SVN webfrontend] 
     27 * Mail notifications for ticket changes 
     28   * Put your e-mail address to the CC field of tickets 
     29   * OR enter your mail address in ''preferences'' when logged in and put your username in CC or owner field 
     30 * RSS feed: See [/timeline timeline] (link at the bottom) 
     32== Publications == 
     33''TODO publications list'' 
     35== Contact == 
     36''TODO contact persons/mailing lists''