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     1Present: Matthias, Raul, Jakob, Sylvain, Jan, Thomas 
     3Thomas: branching solves only half of the problem. We do not get a way to replicate a valid snapshot of a system 
     4Jakob: a propos sharing master branch of package sets: do "hard freeze" by branching instead, but use the release 
     5branch/tag until you need to mix with master, in which case you switch back to the master branch of the package set  
     7In agreement 
     8  - releases that we guarantee can be replicated even much laster 
     9  - the master branch of the package set has to be able to replicate the current release. I.e. there is still a flavor-like 
     10    system that allows to select either master or the '''current''' release. 
     11  - replication of a given release is only guaranteed on the operating systems supported at the time 
     12  - the supported operating systems must be mentioned in the release notes 
     13  - if we want to guarantee replication, we need to use tags and not branches as branches can evolve. Need to figure out a workflow / process to publish updates (e.g. bugfixes) 
     14  - we will create a hard freeze at the beginning of each release (i.e. tags of all packages and package sets and way to replicate) 
     15  - hard freeze release is the default for users 
     16  - technical method: option 1, i.e. using version files instead of branches. The reason is that (1) it would automate everything while providing stronger guarantees (e.g. not forgetting to pin anything) and (2) it provides an integrated workflow with the "autoproj log" idea and with the snapshotting of complete systems. 
     18Remaining discussions 
     19  - workflow to publish bugfixes 
     20  - how to finally field the binary packages