• Click on "new job" on the top left
  • Choose a name
  • select "copy exising job" select "Template" or "Template_distributed_build"


  • Default values have been copied
  • Only important value is the configuration Matrix:
    • Slaves: Select the OS Versions to build with
    • User Defined: Set the FLAVOR variable to select rock-flavors (space seperated list)
  • Edit the shell execution script (Build type):
    • remove the "exit 1"
    • ready to build
    • Other settings of the script are commented in the script

Note on distrubuted builds

They significantly speed up the build process, but have to be used more careful.

The selection of the PARALLEL Variable of the script sets the number of distrubuted cores to use. The higher the number the faster is the build, but the memeory usage also increases.

A Value of 15 is recommended, higer Values (up to 100) are possible, but increase the chance of an failing job because the server is out of memory

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