Get docker runnig on the host

follow: (without ssh setup)

add the hosts "jenkins" user user to the docker group

get into the container with

docker run -i -t -v /data/jenkins:/data/jenkins ubuntu_1404 /bin/bash

inside, the container:

apt-get update

#install build essentials
apt-get install lsb-release default-jre wget ruby openssh-client git

#install locales
apt-get install locales
# Select en_US.UTF-8 in the dialog shown below
locale-gen en_US.UTF-8

#create workspace

mkdir -p /data/jenkins/workspace

eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa

echo "id to add to git server"
cat /root/.ssh/ 

git config --global ""
git config --global "Buildserver"

Commit it to a new node name

to run the slave manage the jenkins nodes and add the line

docker run -i -v /data/jenkins:/data/jenkins ubuntu_1404_v1 /data/jenkins/build_scripts/jenkins_docker_slave


re-launch the slave after each commit to the image!

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