C++ Rock representation

This page summarize the idea of creating a stronger c++ tooling for rock. That provides similar functionality than the orocos.rb tooling. This is page summarized the current thoughts if and how this layer can be created and become part of rock without breaking or doubling work.

Proposal (matthias)

  • Extend orocos.cpp layer with model layer
    • Use cpp model layer to use it for dynamic_properties and the orocos.rb extension
      • ??? What does this mean ?
    • make ruby-binding for this part that allows ruby-tooling the model checking
      • Sylvain there is zero interest from my side in using C++ bindings from the Ruby tooling. I do plan to extend the use of models in the ruby tooling, and a transition like this would most likely hold these plans back a few years, with zero benefit (only cost, a.k.a. the reduced speed of development as one now needs to modify C++ *and* the bindings, plus the inability to move away from the CRuby implementation to more realtime-friendly ones such as e.g. JRuby). The ruby side of things really has no need for this, using C++ bindings is really only adding problems and complexity.
  • Create model-files from orogen
    • create (yml?) Task-description files from orogen that can be parsed and somewhere outside the ruby tooling

Future thoughts

  • Use language independent descriptions between parts of syskit (work of AG-Framework) Sylvain This is non-sensical. You can create language-independent representations and add the ability for Syskit to load and save them. Using them as the mean of communication between the Syskit modules would basically be: marshal roby plan into independent representation -> pass independent representation -> unmarshal roby plan from independent representation. This is as dumb as making the yml-representation the way to load models in orocos.rb/syskit: both libraries use orogen to represent their models, using orogen's native representation is really a lot less dumb than using some marshalled version of it.
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