This is a short introduction to Vizkit's TaskInspector widget. The TaskInspector is being used in rock-display. The main intention of the TaskInspector is to give an overview of one or more running Orocos tasks with their attributes and ports. Live changing of attributes is also possible as well as choosing suitable visualization widgets in order to display output ports.

I will show you the functionality using an Orocos Task called inspector_test which is supplied with a variety of attributes and ports.

Start the TaskInspector

You run the widget by calling rock-display on your terminal with the name of your running task.

$ rock-display inspector_test

A window like the following window will be opened. As done here, you can open the submenus in the tree to get the desired information.

Change Task Attributes

Attribute (Property) changes can be done online, i.e. while the task is running. In order to do that, you double-click on the desired attribute value. This displays two buttons above the task tree. Feel free to change as many attributes as you like by double-clicking and changing the value. If you are done, press the "Set properties" button. Your changes are now going to be applied to the task. Or press cancel, if your changes shall be reset.

Display Widgets

Data on output ports can often be visualized by widgets. To check if there are any widgets available for your output port, right-click on the output port. A context menu opens displaying all available widgets for this data type. The StructViewer widget is always available because it simply shows the textual representation of the data. Clicking on a context menu item will connect the output port to the desired widget and open it.

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