Discussion / points about the evolution of envire

  • jakob: different paradigm than the rest of rock. Mainly because of different datatypes between envire maps and other libraries. Transformer is also doubling some functionality that exists in envire.
  • alex: interaction a bit flaky with rock because of data type duplication
  • sylvain: one of the upgrade path of envire was the ability to embed any data type as an envire map. Smooth upgrade path possible: create an adapter template, using multiple inheritance.
  • alex: envire visualization plugins are not vizkit plugins
  • can't save visualization
  • sylvain: ability to structure the plugins (have tree structure)
  • alex: ability to create generic orogen component that takes data and generates the corresponding environment
  • alex: ruby bindings ? => maybe try swig. Also, one could develop the bindings just needed to build an environment.


  • every visualization plugin should become a vizkit plugin (get rid of envire visualization plugins). Ergo, new visualizations should be vizkit plugins. Obviously, that's not easy to do right now.
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