• cost/benefit tradeoff unclear (Matthias)
  • documentation improvements
    • cheat sheet
    • device extensions
    • loading mechanisms
    • high level overview of execution in Roby
  • roby-display improvements
    • search on events
    • find a way to disable logger and remove Orocos::RobyPlugin
  • general interface problems
    • manual connection/disconnection differs from orocos.rb API
    • in general, better handling of direct task access (currently need to use orogen_task.)
  • hard to understand whether something is a Roby bug or a modeling bug
    • how to debug
    • how to test properly
  • best practices
  • have default device configurations
  • compacting configuration in the bundles
    • Robot.devices vs. defines
    • definition of devices / device types and their use (best practice ?)
device_type 'Hokuyo'
class Hokuyo::Task
  driver_for Dev::Hokuyo
  • display key loaded files at startup: planner file, config, controller, deployment
  • allow to declare robots in app.yml
  • multiple ways to do the same things
    • examples:
    • use short names instead of DataServices, Compositions and Devices (no removal for now to keep backward compatibility)
  • explicit loading in Roby bundles (instead of automatic loading ...)
    • allow loading directories
    • make sure that we can use plain 'require'
  • check "cannot associate task with device" thingy
  • rename 'deployments' into 'definitions' and make sure we can do the load_transformer_conf / add_mission / ... in config/ROBOT.rb
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