• --config=CONFSOURCE: load configuration from CONFSOURCE
    • CONFSOURCE=<path to yaml file> for a single file
    • CONFSOURCE=<path to directory> for loading configuration(s) from a directory
    • CONFSOURCE=<path to log file>[@date_or_index]/stream_pattern to get configuration from a property logfile
  • --attach
    • instead of having an error, if a task that was required by the script is already running, use the running task
  • --gui
    • display a task browser on the tasks

Also, create a rock-run tool with the all the parameters above plus

  • --connect OUTPUT[:INPUT]
    • connects OUTPUT to an input port on the started task. OUTPUT can be a task name or a task_name:port_name. INPUT, if given, is an input port name on the started task. In all cases, its specifies an autoconnection pattern (either task => task, task => port or port => port), and the corresponding connections are created if there is no ambiguity, an error is raised otherwise.

[Idea: add --replay [logfiles] to replace rock-replay completely ?]

  • how about just rock-run [logfiles] and all tasks are replaced which can be simulated by replay
  • rock-run . would load all logfiles and configuration files from the folder and start all missing tasks
  • configuration would have a section for ignoring files and streams
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