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Next steps (for the project administrator)

  • Subscribe to the project's timeline RSS feed to be sure to get notified of changes to the website. Wiki spam is a problem occasionally.
  • Log in and use the "Admin" tab to configure ticket components and access rights.
  • Tell developers to create accounts at and add them to your project using the admin functions on the same website.
  • If you want to change any settings of TracIni, please contact admin@… . Probably interesting settings:
    • wiki/ignore_missing_pages (default true)
    • notification/smtp_always_bcc (default not set, project admin might want to be notified of all ticket changes and new tickets this way)
    • trac/show_email_addresses (default false in order to prevent mail spam in public projects)
  • Edit this wiki page. Remove this text. Fill in or delete TODOs as needed.


TODO project description


TODO what is there, what is planned


TODO add download link (for small files just use SVN; otherwise ask or put it on your homepage)


  • Subversion repository location:
    • Checkout using SVN command line tool: svn checkout
  • [source:trunk/ SVN webfrontend]
  • Mail notifications for ticket changes
    • Put your e-mail address to the CC field of tickets
    • OR enter your mail address in preferences when logged in and put your username in CC or owner field
  • RSS feed: See timeline (link at the bottom)


TODO publications list


TODO contact persons/mailing lists

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