• discuss the principle of an "UW Rock" sub-project
  • first steps

Agreement on the principle

Scope of the project

  • focus on documentation
  • presents a reference implementation
  • defining subset of packages -> scope ? CI package set that would be "UW Rock" ?
  • start with an "AUV core". Build the scope layer-by-layer.
  • would include testing / marking specific components for good/bad quality
  • presented as part of Rock or as something separate

    leaning towards "as part of Rock"

  • simulated system

How do we start

  • documentation
  • picking the first "rock AUV core" layer
    • auv_control
    • joint_dispatcher
    • simple control behaviours: auto-heading, auto-depth, ...
    • simple dead reckoning
    • simulation
  • find a way to avoid repetition: use models ! (orogen and syskit)
  • comments on
    • some components are not UW specific
    • keep in mind who are our target people: the people that develop software for AUVs
    • multiple simulators can be documented as long as we don't drag the choice in evey page (i.e. not having to add special cases to every documentation page)

Action points

  • (Jakob) announce the project on both rock-users and rock-dev, devel effort on rock-dev
  • (Sylvain) outline, identify what's there and gaps
  • (Jan) organization of next meeting
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