Protocol for Meeting

People: Alex, Anna, Christian, Elmar, Jakob, Martin, Raul, Sascha, Sylvain, Matthias


  • Regular video meetings
  • Updates on Rock developments
  • What is considered rock. How do we treat internal/external
  • Development Cycle (Releases/Snapshots etc.)

Once a month rock meeting fixed time per month Raul creates doodle to find the date (e.g. first monday in month)

How do we treat internal/external

  • we have all agreed to remove external

Have tags for compatibility with releases

  • which commits are "stable" for a package is decided by the package maintainer
  • latest stable version of packages can be moved to new release without explicit consent from maintainer
  • packages have to build
  • one special "works_with_X" tag (for manifest.xml) is created per-release to mark packages that are known to work on release X.
  • the maintainer can decide to add this tag to his package(s). Packages can (and will) be included in a release even without the tag. The tag is only there to offer some kind of guidance to users.

Conflict resolvement goes by majority vote of rock maintainers

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