• feeling that we lost some core developers (at the time, Thomas was mentioned). However, there are also quite a few new contributors which is great.
  • conceptual problems on the StreamAligner identified during Sauc-E (Matthias, Sascha)
  • release, points not discussed during VideoChat20141023
    • what happens to a released version of Rock once it is released. What updates (if at all) are allowed on packages, who decides, under which constraints ...
    • how long is a given release supported ? Do we support only the last one, the last two, ... ?

Stream Aligner

  • along the discussion, it appeared that the main problem is not with the stream aligner, but to make it easy to diagnose common problems with it (latencies being too big, CPU loads adding latency in processing chains, ...)
  • maybe some problems could also be solved by adding per-stream timeouts (e.g. devices like the DVL that are but would regularly not give some readings if no solutions can be found)
  • sascha & Matthias: write down Avalon's problems on WikiStart/OngoingWork/StreamAlignerIssuesDuringSauc-E?
  • all: list possible solutions, discuss merits of each
  • Sylvain writes down ideas for monitoring & connection tracking
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