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     1Rock Telecon 17/2/2015 
     2People: Sylvain, Jakob, Matthias, Thomas 
     4== Topics == 
     6- Deprecation of RBS and in general 
     7- New method for releases 
     8- Rock Workshop 
     10The following points where put in the agenda but not discussed (lack of time) 
     12- Unit Testing 
     13- Website Redesign 
     14- Split management of rock-core and rock overall 
     16== Deprecation of types w.r.t ports in components == 
     17- revive the RTT flexiport branch to implement connections between heterogeneous types (allowing to connect e.g. TransformWithUncertainty 
     18  output to a RBS input or vice-versa) 
     19- deprecation "spec" in orogen with support in orocos.rb. Basically, orocos.rb would fallback to a "side-port" 
     20  (automatically named e.g. output_deprecated) if the deprecated type is needed and use the base port 
     21  otherwise. Still requires support inside the component (the component needs to read and handle both 
     22  ports) 
     23- let it be and see what happens 
     24> Decision: let's add base::TransformWithUncertainty, leaving the frames and time out. Subclass it in base::samples once we have a clear 
     25> deprecation path 
     27== Deprecation in general == 
     28 - code: 
     29   1. Jakob: just send a warning to the ML and remove the code 
     30   2. Sylvain & Thomas: add warnings to the code, later add it under an ON/OFF switch which controls whether the backward-compatibility code is available or not. The switch would default to NOT include backward-compatible code. 
     31   > Consensus goes more for option 2 
     32 - packages 
     33    - add exclusion in the autobuild code to make sure builds who depend on deprecated packages fail 
     34    - add a way to force the build of the package regardless of its exclusion (Thomas: do it by explicitly adding it to the manifest) 
     36== New method for releases == 
     37 - general idea: save version files as e.g. overrides.d/XX-rock.core.yml in the rock buildconf. Tag that. 
     38 - add a rock-release script which is able to pull information from that configuration and save it in the local autoproj workspace 
     39 - plan: 
     40    - add a prerelease version of autoproj's versioning branch 
     41    - get to the point where versioning can be merged to master 
     42    - publish the master-with-versioning as prerelease 
     43 - check sharing of gem releasing for autoproj/autobuild