• slam => localization vs. mapping vs. SLAM
    • use tags ?
  • separate system monitoring types ? temperature, voltage,
    • options:
      1. create a separate tools/system_monitoring package with the types (and corresponding tools/orogen/...)
      2. add to base::samples
      3. add to base::system_monitoring
  • vote on NaN for unknown position / orientation
    • related vote: default initialization on RigidBodyState
  • cleanup of filters (orientation_estimator, pose_estimator)
    • place of covariance: in sensor, as property of the filter
    • have it both ways: make the sensors output it, but also offer a way to override it on the estimator components
    • type / naming scheme
  • [Janosch] vizkit: pain to create and updating (move around, ...) primitives


  • how to add types to base/types => discussion + vote needed on rock-dev
    • two resolutions: either goes into base/types or stays on a separate package


  • Discussion still needed for release schedule
    • fasttrack master=>next transition: 1 week and then push master to next



  • openrobots integration
    • PA10 driver
  • cross compilation
  • compilation times
    • test Sylvain's patch
    • debian packaging
    • remove unneeded dependencies across typekits (remove direct inclusion of Types.hpp from every typekits)
  • make orogen display a warning if needs_configuration got added but the constructor is not updated yet
  • move the tutorials to default deployments ? Would remove the need to explain deployments and so on ... (Felix)
  • default deployment support on boost 1.42 (Felix)
  • make Rock install and run properly on ruby 1.9 including QtRuby
  • make the rock next and stable autoproj configuration more robust to people adding packages in the wrong places ?
  • fix load times of typekits
  • fix orogen loading
  • allow limited access to remote components even though the model is not available


  • gui for showing and starting default deployments on the system
  • does not work fine with slow or unreliable links (Alex)
    • improve TaskProxy / ReaderProxy etc
    • method: introducing a proxy task, or non blocking calls to orocos.rb
      • some proxied connections will want all data, some will have a sampling period
      • tool to display all QConnections and to modify them
    • reconnect not working properly (OBJECT_NOT_EXIST)
    • TaskInspector sometime quit with an exception
  • rock-replay open file browser if no file is given
  • improve data analyses
    • generic way to plot fields
    • bind octave scripts / ruby scripts to ports in a generic way ???
    • exporter for octave and matlab m-files
  • support for meta data
    • log-replay
    • way to save annotation Vizkit::log "bla" (save data to a logger)


  • TODO:
    • documentation
    • ruby scripting integration
    • log replay integration
    • live display integration
  • goal: be able to select a data stream and display it, in 3D, in its frame
  • display / replay
    1. add the frame in every data samples. Requires changing types and components.
    2. Vizkit3D:
      • static and dynamic transformations need to be provided through slots
      • need to call a slot to declare in which frame is a given plugin
      • need to call a slot to declare the display frame
    3. save all the required information (static transformations, producer-to-frame-transform mappings, port-to-frame associations) in (a) separate log stream(s). For live, have a separate component that stores the same information.
      • needed: data and transformation from data to display frame
      • information broadcasted / stored:
        1. associations (task & port => frame)
        2. producers associations (task & port => dynamic transform)
        3. static transformations
      • Vizkit3d is given a port (normal port-to-widget connection mechanism)
      • does port => port_frame translation using 1.
      • queries a transformer instance to get root_frame => port_frame using 2. and 3.
      • one transformer per connection
      • first step: don't align
  • see bla.rb


  • passing through the complete documentation and tutorials
    • PMC student
    • CSurvey student
  • change to have more of a "showcase" style: short descriptions + one video for each topic.
  • robots running rock page ?
  • fix google search
  • add tags to packages
  • package documentation (Sylvain)
    • improve package directory layout
    • allow custom pages to be added per-package
  • show available vizkit3d plugins and vizkit widgets
    • integrate in orogen types pages (what displays type X)
    • can use rock-inspect code for that
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