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  • slam => localization vs. mapping vs. SLAM
    • use tags ?
  • separate system monitoring types ? temperature, voltage,
    • options:
      1. create a separate tools/system_monitoring package with the types (and corresponding tools/orogen/...)
      2. add to base::samples
      3. add to base::system_monitoring
  • vote on NaN for unknown position / orientation
    • related vote: default initialization on RigidBodyState
  • cleanup of filters (orientation_estimator, pose_estimator)
    • place of covariance: in sensor, as property of the filter
    • have it both ways: make the sensors output it, but also offer a way to override it on the estimator components
    • type / naming scheme
  • [Janosch] vizkit: pain to create and updating (move around, ...) primitives


  • how to add types to base/types => discussion + vote needed on rock-dev
    • two resolutions: either goes into base/types or stays on a separate package


  • add tags to packages
  • package documentation
    • improve package directory layout
    • allow custom pages to be added per-package
  • show available vizkit3d plugins and vizkit widgets
    • integrate in orogen types pages (what displays type X)
    • can use rock-inspect code for that
  • openrobots integration
    • PA10 driver
  • cross compilation

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