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The Rock development team is proud to announce the official public release of
the Robot Construction Kit (Rock).

Rock is a software framework for the development of robotic systems. The
underlying component model is based on Orocos/RTT (Real Time Toolkit). Rock
provides all the tools required to set up and run high-performance and reliable
robotic systems for a wide variety of applications in research and industry. It
contains a rich collection of ready-to-use drivers and modules for use in your
own system, and can easily be extended by adding new components. The framework
was developed to specifically address the following issues in existing

sustainable systems.
   The architecture and the tools in Rock are designed with long-running, autonomous
   systems in mind. In practice this means that for us, error detection, reporting 
   and handling are key in any robotic architecture.

   Provide the tools to be able to manage big systems with minimum fuss. But
   we don't require you to learn about these (complex) tools right away: as soon as
   you use Rock's component development tool, oroGen, you have the guarantee that
   your components can be integrated - from simple scenarios using hard-coded C++
   behaviors, to Ruby scripts, up to the complete system monitoring tools.

reusable code-base.
   Even though we think that the rock toolchain is one of the best out there,
   some other people might feel differently. And they might be right. That's why
   in Rock most of the functionality – from control to data display through to data
   processing – is implemented in a way that is totally independent from Rock's
   integration framework. That's right: just pick our drivers, localization
   algorithms and control loops and add them into your integration framework.
   You don't have to do anything on our side, as the code is completely independent
   from the integration parts. 

Dive in with the installation (,
  tutorials (,
  and have a look at the framework functionality! (

So far, the development of the Robot Construction Kit has been supported by the DFKI
Robotics Innovation Center ( in Bremen, Germany. 
However, it is an open platform, so feel free to join. Most packages in the Rock 
distribution are under an LGPL v2 or later license. 
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