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     1It is encouraged that the "next" branch is used except for packages that you are actively developing. 
     3The git repositories are also set up so that 
     5  git push 
     6  git push autobuild 
     8will always push to master, to avoid having people pushing changes to next by accident. Unfortunately, I did not find any way to make sure that it does not happen when pushing from git-gui 
     10To use "next": 
     12General policy 
     14Projects should use next whenever possible. For now, the strategy is to use "next" for all packages that are not actively developed within a given project (i.e. developed by the team that is using the build configuration). 
     161. select the "next" flavor 
     18This can be done in two ways: 
     20 - The main autoproj configuration for rock allows selecting it. For people that already have their 
     21   own main autoproj configuration, you can either change it to match what is done in 
     25   (you mainly need to copy the rock.rb file, require it in init.rb and call rock_autoproj_init) 
     26 - you forcefully set it in your init.rb by doing 
     27   Autoproj.change_option("ROCK_FLAVOR", "next") 
     292. override the branch for the packages that you want to develop 
     31   This can be done install-wide by adding an overrides section to autoproj/overrides.yml or in the source.yml file of some package 
     32   set. The section should look like 
     35   - package_name: 
     36     branch: master 
     38   The package name can be a regular expression, so 
     41   - .*: 
     42     branch: master 
     44would select master for every package in the installation