This page explains how to run Rock on Ruby 1.9.x.

Note Debian is calling its Ruby binaries and packages ruby1.9.1, but it is NOT a ruby 1.9.1 version. Call ruby1.9.1 --version to have the actual version number.

Note The only Flavor which supports ruby 1.9.x is at the moment master!

Ruby 1.8.7 is officially reaching its end of life (it is going to be maintained until mid-2013, but no major developments are going to happen on it). Ruby 1.9 is very stable and has very little incompatibilities with 1.8 code (backward compatibility is a bit more tricky, though). Rock will maintain backward compatibility with 1.8 until at least the end of 2012


Ruby 1.9.2 is currently working. There are a few rough edges when bootstrapping, but nothing major

Ruby 1.9.3 has some issues (#134). The next version of autoproj is going to fix these.

  • ruby is using psych which is a lot more strict (you have to update your yaml files)


  • bootstrap rock using the right ruby interpreter. You can not use the ready-to-use script linked from Rock's installation page, but should instead use the autoproj bootstrap file from [here]. Then, run with the right ruby interpreter, which on Debian/Ubuntu is ruby1.9.1. So, for instance,
ruby1.9.1 autoproj_bootstrap git git://

  • to get vizkit. Debian and Ubuntu unfortunately do not provide the Qt/Ruby bindings for ruby 1.9. Fortunately, somebody create a gem that builds them for your ruby interpreter. Note that you must be careful when installing that gem to use the gem1.9.1 command instead of the gem one. Moreover, you must source the first.
gem1.9.1 install qtbindings
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