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Dependency trackinguse dependencies from manifest.xml by translating into pkg-config, orocos_use_packagedependencies are listed in the rock_executable or rock_library macro. Handles three types of dependencies: CMake (find_package), pkg-config and internal (dependencies between two targets in the same cmake package)
pkg-config fileAutogenerated with all library targets produced in the packageHand-made, with the help of some CMake variables (i.e. the default template produces the same result than the UseOrocos-RTT.cmake, but can be customized). Variables available on a per-target basis (not global basis)
Qt integrationNoneSpecial support

Open Questions

  • autoproj allows packages to be defined in subdirectories (e.g. slam/envire). How does orocos_use_package handles that ?
  • what about dependencies that are not libraries (no pkg-config file) ?
  • Qt integration (very important for us)