This covers the addition of new packages in Rock

New packages

To be added to rock, a new package should:

  • have been reviewed for sanity (it does not necessarily have to be perfect, it just has to be good enough). This should be done by sending an announcement on rock-dev and get some comments
  • have been reviewed for licensing ("viral" licenses, ...)
  • packages that are meant to go into rock.base or rock.toolchain will have higher quality requirements.

Adding the package

  • add the new package to the autobuild file in rock/. Libraries go into libs.autobuild and oroGen packages to orogen.autobuild
  • add them TO THE TOPLEVEL. They should NOT be in an in_flavor block. Obviously, a new package cannot be in next or stable.
  • check if the import works for you: once you have added the package, doing "autoproj update my/new/package" should not fail
  • check if the build works for you: my/new/package and do "autoproj build my/new/package". This should not fail.
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